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A robust Compliance program offers greater long-term business continuity, supports corporate development and is an important asset in helping to improve medium and long-term economic/financial results.

Our values:

Discipline, Simplicity, Humility, Attitude of Owners, Availability, Sinserity and Determination are values we cherish.

The JBS Board of Directors

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The JBS Board of Directors

The JBS Board of Directors has 8 members with a unified two-year term of office. Board members may be reelected and are responsible for defining policy, guiding business and strategy, monitoring the company's performance and supervising management. The JBS Board is supported by six specific committees that assist with strategic business decisions:
  • 1- Executive Committee
  • 2- Sustainability Committee
  • 3- Audit Committee
  • 4- Financial and Risk Management Committee
  • 5- Governance Committee
  • 6- Personnel Management Committee
Conduct & Business

Conduct & Business

Code of Conduct

JBS is committed to conducting its business ethically, with integrity, in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and rules. JBS expects its Business Associates to demonstrate the same commitment by following the highest standards of business conduct, integrity and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and rules. All Business Associates agree to abide by the Business Associate Code of Conduct (the "BACC”). Get to know our Code of Conduct and Ethics and Business Associate Code of Conduct.