SEARA INTERNATIONAL - More than 60 years experience in food.
Our History

Our History

Get to know our jorney that brought us here.

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For more than 60 years Seara has been working to offer products that take practicality, confidence and innovation to your table, always bringing the flavor and quality that will amaze the whole family.Constantly investing in technology, quality and innovation, Seara grows year after year and today is already one of the largest food producers in Brazil and in the world. All our products go through processes that guarantee the highest quality, origin and our complete portfolio attends all the needs from a big family lunch to a quick snack in the middle of the afternoon.Learn about the history of our quality that amazes the consumers.

Since 1956

For more than 60 years, Seara has been working to offer products that take convenience, trust and innovation to the consumers.


The first large slaughter house in the city of Seara in Santa Catarina.


Uirapuru, the first farm of study and research of porks, to further improve the quality of meat.


240 tons of chicken for Kuwait, our first international transaction.


In Xanxere, our first incubation center is launched.
Fabrica do Grupo JBS - Seara Global
Foto do Escritório - Seara Global


Ceval buys Seara, increasing the brand and expanding the investment capacity.


We are the first Brazilian meat company to export chicken cuts to Europe.


We acquired the stock control of the slaughter house Rio da Luz S. A, in Jaraguá do Sul.


Ceval incorporates Seara Industrial, and we become a Ceval brand together with the plants of Jacarézinho and Nuporanga.


Acquisition of Dourados-MS plant.


Acquisition of Sidrolândia-MS, and of Forquilhinha-SC plants.


We are the first Brazilian company to receive ISO quality certification: 9002, for the whole chicken chain.


Ceval was bought by the Bunge group.


Creation of Seara Alimentos S.A. We became an independent company controlled by Mutual Inv. Ltda.


Offices in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, and Dubai. We control the port facility in Braskarne.
Prédio Principal - Seara Globol
Estacionamento de Caminhões - Seara Global


We are the largest pork exporter in Brazil.


We established the thermoprocessed chicken factory in Itapiranga - SC.


Our company is present in 27 new countries.


Seara food products is controlled by a large international group in the food sector.


Seara food products is now controlled by the JBS group, the world leader in meat processing.


Our new visual identity was launched in a more modern and suitable way in the current market.