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Quality Seara

Quality Seara

Great Commitment to Quality


Quality is a commitment taken extremely seriously both inside and outside the company. For example, The Culture of Quality is an internal JBS practice that encourages each employee to do their Jobs with the consumer mindset, meaning that their task is to provide the best product to the consumer’s table.

Family production

Our brand chicken products are produced in Brazil, the largest exporter of chicken in the world. Brazil offers ideal agricultural conditions, with small family properties located near the plants, as well as integrated systems that guarantee the total traceability, from the field to the fork.

Excellence in Production

Seara focuses on delivering quality products due to our excellence in production, high level of animal welfare and sustainability practices. We have rigorous processes throughout our production chain to ensure the quality, health, safety and sustainability of all products. The quality of Seara products is constantly audited by governments of different countries, clients and certification companies, who visit the company’s plants to follow all the steps of the processes that guarantee the quality and health of the meat marketed by the company.
JBS employee working on the production line.

Our Certifications

Certification CFM Certification SWISS LAW Certification BRC Certification GLOBAL GAP Certification ISO 4001 Certification ISO 17025 Certification SMETA
IPC Member
Staff checking production equipment.

Safety to innovate

Our concern about the processes and the quality of the products brings safety to innovate. We have the Seara DaGranja line where the chicken is raised in a special environment, with 100% vegetable food with a special vaccination program and antibiotics free, besides greater control of the environment. Our goal is to work closely with customers and suppliers, developing products with added value focusing on quality and in standing out in the Market, living up to our slogan, "The quality will amaze you."